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I am an Electrical engineer so my background on software testing is limited.My application is not a software testing issue.I need to develop a software package in python to interact with a RF electronic board to do various test procedures and measurements.I want the software to be general enough so in future adding new test cases and changing parameters etc. be very easy and don take time so we focus on results.

As far as I read through existing test automation tools that are available found they are for software tests , not for hardware applications.

I was wondering if you have suggestions or come across a framework/tool/arch. that fits hardware applications.

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Do you have a driver for this device (be it in C or another language)? If not, you will need to write one yourself. A software driver for your device is the first step to accomplishing what you want. – multipleinterfaces Jul 20 '11 at 19:06
Yes I have libraries for driver.My main concern is if there is an available framework/tool that integrates all the essentials in a single tool like those that software engineers use.Even if it's not directly usable I can take ideas from the model. – user845459 Jul 20 '11 at 19:09

I am also interested in finding something like this. Additionally I would like to have the ability to create simple GUI forms using drag and drop like we used to do in visual basic 6. as well as having a nice interface to a database with a query designer. So far the closest thing I have seen is DABO, which has some of the elements, but it is not quite tailored to the task of hardware testing.

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have you looked into pycopia? I have used it before and it's pretty good though a little big learning curve in the beginnin

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There are a number of automated test frameworks out there that you could try --even though they are designed around testing software, you could very likely use them to test your hardware. Have a look at nose, the Robot Framework, or unittest.

Keep in mind that testing hardware often involves other instruments; make sure to incorporate (or make it easy to incorporate later) any additional components used to monitor your device into your test software from the very beginning, as adding new devices can become difficult late into a project.

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Thanks for your answer.I have checked Robot Framework before but I think generally software oriented tools carry large overhead for embedded and hardware applications.I decide to write a small tool and use other tools for reviewing their arch. ,framework and also creating reports,taking inputs etc. – user845459 Jul 25 '11 at 17:56

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