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I have a bar graph and I want to allow the user to right click a particular bar, select some operation (add one or anything really) that will affect only that bar. Is this type of thing possible using ZedGraph?

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You can add a Mouse Click event to the Form and call FindNearestObject() passing in that mouse point, you'll get back the nearest object. Something like this perhaps:

private void zedGraphControl2_MouseClick(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
    object nearestObject;
    int index;
    this.zedGraphControl2.GraphPane.FindNearestObject(new PointF(e.X, e.Y), this.CreateGraphics(), out nearestObject, out index);
    if (nearestObject != null && nearestObject.GetType() == typeof(BarItem))
        BarItem barItem = (BarItem)nearestObject;
        barItem[index].Y += 1;
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