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I want to access some flashvars in my preloader to a Flex application. How is this possible?

Regards Adlertz

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Try the loaderInfo.parameters attribute of the preloader.

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From the preloader, you should be able to access the flashvars indirectly through the SystemManager as follows:

var systemManager:SystemManager = parent.parent as SystemManager;
var params:Object = LoaderInfo(systemManager.loaderInfo).parameters;
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I think the loaderInfo attribute of all sprites in the display tree point to the same LoaderInfo instance, so there is no need to dig up the system manager. But I could be wrong. –  David Hanak Mar 25 '09 at 9:16

I have accessed the flashvars using loaderinfo from the root of my preloader-sprite.

var flashvars:Object = root.loaderInfo.parameters;

The tricky part was to know when the root wasn't null. But I found a blogpost:


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root.loaderInfo is the same as loaderInfo, when root is not null, see my comment to Raul's answer. –  David Hanak Mar 25 '09 at 10:32

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