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I have some PHP files, which I use to generate CSS files. I use the extension: .css.php

Aptana defaults to only syntax highlighting the PHP code in this file, but it would be very good if I could set up CSS and PHP syntax for these files. So is there any way to achieve this in Aptana? Are there other editors or IDEs which can do this?

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Aptana Studio doesn't have an extensible syntax coloring in the sense of adding sub-languages or altering language parsing/tokenizing. You'd want an editor that allows you to edit the language definition itself. A popular one for this is Textmate (, which is Mac only. There are clones out there for other OSes like redcar (, or e Text editor (

They use language definitions based on regular expressions and groups to set up the tokenizing which is then used for syntax coloring (as well as the bundle scripting).

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