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In earlier projects I often used an s:button or s:link from Seam 2 when caceling something, because it wouldn't submit the form and thus no model updates occured.

Now I switched to WELD + Seam 3 and couldn't find it there anymore - am I just blind or do I have to use something else?


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In the meantime I learned that it has really disappeared from Seam. So how would one implement a page action which should NOT submit the form in JSF 2? –  Geziefer Jul 21 '11 at 8:43

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You can do it in plain JSF 2.0 by setting immediate attribute to true in the h:commandButton.

From the MyFaces wiki:

The immediate attribute can be used to achieve the following effects:

Allow a commandLink or commandButton to navigate the user to another page without processing any data currently in input fields of the current screen. In particular, this allows navigation to occur even when there are currently validation errors. A "cancel" button typically falls into this category.

Allow a commandLink or commandButton to trigger back-end logic while ignoring validation for some of the fields on the screen. This is a more general version of the item above.

Make one or more input components "high priority" for validation, so that if any of these are invalid then validation is not performed for any "low-priority" input components in the same page. This can reduce the number of error messages shown.

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I found a way to handle it by using the commandButton from RichFaces 4 and setting bypassUpdates to true:

<a4j:commandButton value="Cancel" action="#{myHandler.cancel}"
bypassUpdates="true" render="myTable" />

For me this solution is ok, since I'm allready using RichFaces 4 - but I'm still interested, how to solve this with standard JSF 2.0?

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