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I am new at C# and InfoPath. Using SharePoint 2007 and InfoPath 2007. I have an InfoPath form that I want to read values from a list but I want to read a value based on column name and row # so in C# code this would be a 2 dimensional array or List<>. Is it possible to read from a SharePoint list without writing c# code (workflow) to access the values in the list?

7/25/11: I couldn't comment or reply so am editing my original post instead:

@Andreas Thank you for your idea.

Your suggestion is not exactly what I want to do although I am doing the tutorials from msdn that you recommended. Most of it is review for me but I am also learning some new tricks (i.e. certificate signing). Anyway, I have a list in SharePoint that is a per diem rate chart for travelers. I am trying to figure out a way to pick the correct rate, based on days of travel and destination zip code. The SharePoint list column name are rate values like $46, $51, $76 and the rows are breakfast, lunch, dinner incidentals, "first or last day of travel".

If rate = $46 and days of travel are > zero and < 3, (i.e. 2 days total) then "first and last day of travel" per diem applies.

My dilema is how do I read the value (rate) for "first and last day of travel" if column is $46. This would be a 2 dimensional array or list, right? Can I read the value with IP rules or do I need to write custom code to read from the list?

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From what I've understood, you want to create a connection to a SharePoint list/library and display it's contents in an InfoPath Form in a 2 dimensional way => Table, am i right?

If so, this two links might help you out.

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