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I am looking for a tool that displays various project activities for a given duration (say since yesterday) in the order that they took place e.g.

  1. 9:40 "Dev 1" committed change set 12345
  2. 9:43 "Dev 1" closed work item 2145
  3. 10:05 "Dev 2" added a new work item 23456 "Design UI for customer details"
  4. 10:25 "Dev 1" added comments to work item 23456
  5. 10:45 "Dev 3" added work item 23456 to iteration 1
  6. .
  7. .
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I don't think it will give you exactly what you need with regards to a single rollup report but give Sidekick a try. We find it indispensable for getting a view into TFS.

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