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i have a json array

var a_values = new Array();
a_values["AF:All"] = new Array('KBL:Kabul','US:New york');
a_values["AL:All"] = new Array('TIA:Tirana');

How can i find , whether a given string is in a_values, using jquery

for example, i need to check whether 'Kabul' is there , in a_values

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Don't create arrays like that. And an Array has only numeric keys; you're looking for objects. (Careful; that website calls them "JSON", which isn't strictly accurate. JSON is a format based on this object definition notation that's found in the Javascript language.) – PreferenceBean Jul 20 '11 at 23:07
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I think you'd like this a little better:

var abbreviations = new Array();
abbreviations['AF'] = new Array();
abbreviations['AF']['KBL'] = 'Kabul';
abbreviations['AF']['US'] = 'New York';
abbreviations['AL'] = new Array();
abbreviations['AL']['TIA'] = 'Tirana';

Then there are two ways of checking for existence of a string. One would be:

JSON.stringify(abbreviations).indexOf('Kabul') >= 0

And another would be to loop through the array with a for loop, looking at each value.

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But the problem is that, the array is a predefined result from another location – Linto Jul 20 '11 at 23:21
I see. That's fine, you can still stringify it with the method I showed. The loop would be a little nastier but you could do it that way too. If you're actually getting a JSON string btw, you can just do indexOf – Milimetric Jul 21 '11 at 2:17

That's not JSON at all, that's just Javascript. JSON is a text format for representing objects, based on parts of the Javascript syntax.

You are creating an array, but then you are using it as a regular object. (The reason that it works anyway, is that an array is also an object.) You should create an object instead:

var a_values = {};

To look for a value in the object, you can loop through it's properties:

var find = 'Kabul';
var found = false;
$.each(a_values, function(key, value){
  if (value.indexOf(find) != -1) {
    found = true;
    return false; // skip rest of the loop
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