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I'm trying to set up a event sharing page for my team. People can submit their own events as well as rsvp for others events. The page can be as plain as possible, just a big calendar in the middle. I am also thinking about incorporating google map since location are likely to be nearby. Any suggestions? I thought about using wordpress for its member functions but don't know how to set up a calendar to collect and display events. Thanks in advance

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Have you explored using Google Calendar? I don't know if this would be conducive to you and your team (I know in some work environments web accounts can be a tricky thing).


Otherwise there's this. I personally haven't explored these, but maybe you'll find them helpful.


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I spent a while looking for something similar and never found any free solution that suited my needs.

If this is a group of people with a shared calendar, you can integrate your Google calendar (which has RSVP features) into Wordpress quite nicely with wpng-calendar. (demo) It won't do everything you're looking for though.

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Thanks, google calendar does provide the functionality to a certain extend, but I'm also looking for way to allow new users register or post without logging in –  William Aug 8 '11 at 18:43
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