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Attempting to link Categories to Websites, using WebsiteCategory as the refClass.

WebsiteCategory has a column rank, which indicates the order in which the categories should be retrieved when you call $website->getCategories()

I'm stumped, didn't think this would be so difficult. Can anyone help?

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Was not able to get doctrine to order the relationship natively (like Damien was suggesting) instead, added a getCategories() function to the model which runs the proper query and returns the result set.

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This is not supported for Many to Many relationships, the bug report is linked below with a possible patch, although some comments indicate it was not working. As already noted by OP, I think the solution is to override the getCategories() function.

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You can add an orderBy param in your schema.yml:

    title: string(255)
      local: id
      foreign: gallery_id
      foreignAlias: Gallery
      type: many
      orderBy: position DESC

You can put multi fields with a comma.

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This works on Many-One relationships, but I was not able to get the same type of declaration to work with a Many-Many. Considering there are 4 places I could put the ordering (Local, RefClass-Local, RefClass-Foreign, Foreign) perhaps I'm just not defining it correctly... – Jordan Feldstein Jul 21 '11 at 18:43

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