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I have an HTML table that I'm sorting with jQuery tablesorter. I have an external link that sorts the table by name using JavaScript. Within that JavaScript function though, I have to say sort by column 0 instead of just saying sort by the name column.

How can I modify what I have below so I don't have to remember that name is column 0 in JavaScript?


    $("#sort-link").click(function() {
      //How can I say something like sort by "Name" instead of having to remember name is column 0
      var sorting = [[0,0]
      return false;

<a href="#" id="sort-link">Sort by name</a><br><br>
<table class="tablesorter" id="classes_table">
        <td>School5  </td>
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You could use a hack...

var columnIndex = $('table > thead > tr > th:contains("Name")').index();
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