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Is it possible to set up a policy on a git repo that disallows lightweight tags from being pushed to it?

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The update.sample hook that Git automatically installs into new repositories includes this exact functionality (among a few other useful bits). Take a look at $GIT_DIR/hooks/update.sample any of your existing repositories. –  Chris Johnsen Jul 21 '11 at 2:57

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The Git hook page mentions:

The default update hook, when enabled — and with hooks.allowunannotated config option unset or set to false — prevents unannotated tags to be pushed.

That references in turn the update.sample Chris Johnsen mentions in the comments.

case "$refname","$newrev_type" in
        # un-annotated tag
        if [ "$allowunannotated" != "true" ]; then
            echo "*** The un-annotated tag, $short_refname, is not allowed in this repository" >&2
            echo "*** Use 'git tag [ -a | -s ]' for tags you want to propagate." >&2
            exit 1
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