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Recently, I just came across Transifex

Transifex is an open service allowing people to collaboratively translate software, documentation and other types of projects. Designed as a hub for translations of open source projects, Transifex supports translations straight from the project's source.

It is really cool. However, I realize that it only support .pot file produced by GNU gettext?

I am using Java properties file - gui_en.properties in open source project.

Is there any similar service, to translate Java application collaboratively?

I had tried to upload a properties file to Transifex. Here is my outcome.

File you are trying to upload does not seem to belong to a known i18n format.

enter image description here

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The head of the self-host version appears to have some support. You'll need to, of course, self-host it for now, until the hosted version is updated.

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Transifex supports Java Property files natively. You can find more info on the support at the related documentation section.

Update: Transifex now supports 20 file formats, including Java Properties file (Latin-1 and UTF).

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