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I have created two windows in my project root folder, MainWindow.xaml and PopupWindow.xaml respectively.

Through Project Properties, I managed to set up an icon for the MainWindow but I couldn't find any available settings for my PopupWindow. Therefore, the PopupWindow is still showing the system default icon in the top left corner.

Can anyone tell me where I can set up a customized icon for my PopupWindow?

Many thanks.


I guess I made a mistake in the XMAL code previously. :[ Should have been more careful about the code. Anyways, here is the correct one

Icon="/[Your Project Name];component/[Your ICO File Name]"

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Are you running in Debug mode in Visual Studio? WPF Windows don't inherit their icon from the application in debug mode. Try Ctrl+F5 ("Start Without Debugging") and see if your icons appear.

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Yes I was. But now it seems to be okay :) Thanks for the advice anyway :) – woodykiddy Jul 21 '11 at 3:53

not sure but perhaps this helps

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