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I have 2 models suppose A and B which contain two separate forms. I want to show the content of form B on the view page of model A. So how to render the content of B on A. Any help on this will be highly appreciable.

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You need to pass the B model to the view of the A model, if you're using the code generated by Yii's CRUD for example in the AController file you can modify it into this:

public function actionView() 
  $BModel = B::model()->findAll();


after adding the 'othermodel' into the view function, you should be able to access $othermodel in the view.php file

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Ya I am using this public function actionView($id) { $a = $this->loadModel($id); $b = $this->newb($a); if(isset($_POST['b'])){ $this->render('view',array( 'model'=>$this->loadModel(), 'b' => $b, )); } else{ $this->render('view',array( 'model' => $a, 'b' => $b, )); } } But cant render the a and b in a same view –  NewUser Jul 21 '11 at 17:14
what's the content of your view.php ? –  ZaQ Jul 22 '11 at 3:25

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