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i'm working at an application on web and i'm using ef to create model and accessing to DB.

  1. create session var for use in session level:

    private Model.WebsiteModelContainer s_defaultModel;
    public Model.WebsiteModelContainer DefaultModel
            s_defaultModel = HttpContext.Current.Session["DefaultModel"] as WebsiteModelContainer;
            if (s_defaultModel == null)
                s_defaultModel = new Model.WebsiteModelContainer();
                HttpContext.Current.Session["DefaultModel"] = s_defaultModel;
            return s_defaultModel;
  2. use DefaultModel in code:

    return DefaultModel.Ages.OrderBy(c => c.AgeName).ToList();

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After a new build of your project, the first database query executed causes EF to build views that it uses for data access. This can cause a significant delay. You can work around it by having EF pre-compile the views. See How to: Pre-Generate Views to Improve Query Performance from MSDN.

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