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Having a few problems with Ormlite and Android/Sqlite so any help appreciated. The database structure is

"CREATE TABLE [jobTasks](" +
        "[JobTaskID] varchar(50) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY DEFAULT (newid())," +
        "[JobID] varchar(50) NOT NULL," +
        "[EnumTaskType] Real," +
        "[TaskID] varchar(50)," +
        "[TaskOrder] SmallInt," +
        "[TaskDescription] NVarChar (50) ," +
        "[EnumTaskStatus] Real," +
        "[EnumTaskQualifier] Real," +
        "[IsTaskQualifierForced] Bit," +
        "[CompletedBy] NVarChar (50)," +
        "[CompletedOn] DateTime," +
        "[CompletedOnOffset] NVarChar (6)," +
        "[JobAssetID] varchar(50),[wadtDeleted] Bit NOT NULL DEFAULT ((0))," +
        "[WadtModifiedBy] NVarChar (15)," +
        "[WadtModifiedOn] DateTime," +
        "[WadtModifiedOnDTOffset] NVarChar (6)," +
        "[WadtRowID] varchar(50) DEFAULT (newid())," +
        "[ParentJobTaskID] varchar(50)," +
        "[Rowguid] varchar(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT (newid())," +
        "SyncDeleted Bit NOT NULL DEFAULT ((0))," +
        "FOREIGN KEY(JobID) REFERENCES jobJob(jobID)," +
        "FOREIGN KEY(enumTaskType)  REFERENCES enumTaskType(enumTaskType)," +
        "FOREIGN KEY(TaskID) REFERENCES cfgWorkFlowTasks(TaskID)," +
        "FOREIGN KEY(enumTaskStatus) REFERENCES enumTaskStatus(enumTaskStatus))"

The query is

QueryBuilder<JobParentTask, String> qb =
qb.orderBy(JobParentTask.TASKORDER, true);
qb.where().eq(JobParentTask.JOBID, id).and()
PreparedQuery<JobParentTask> preparedQuery = queryBuilder.prepare();
CloseableIterator<JobParentTask> iterator
while (iterator.hasNext()) {

The following error is thrown

 unrecognized token: "6B582835": , while compiling:
 `JobID` = 6B582835-5A79-E011-A5E4-005056980009 AND `ParentJobTaskID` IS NULL )
 ORDER BY `TaskOrder` 

If I am passing the id as a string value why does it not show as such in the query?

The final error thrown is

java.sql.SQLException: Could not build prepared-query iterator for class

I assume this is related to the original error?

Thanks in advance

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Please accept either your own or my answer @Kern. Glad you found the problem. – Gray Oct 14 '11 at 14:44

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Will hang my head in shame. The JOBID was associated as a column name annotation for the wrong column.

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Huh. I suspect you have an existing database table that you are trying to match a Java class against? Any chance that the JobID field in your Java class is not a string but is, by accident, an integer?

The eq(JobParentTask.JOBID, id) method should look at the field inside of JobParentTask and see that it is a String that needs to be escaped. This is core code in ORMLite that has been working for some time.

Can you post the JobParentTask definition around the JobID field?

If you still are having problems an immediate workaround is to use the "Select Args":

Something like:

SelectArg jobIdArg = new SelectArg(id);
queryBuilder.where().eq(JobParentTask.JOBID, jobIdArg).and()...

Then the query that is constructed used a ? and injects the argument using SQL.

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