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I want to write a c apis for set/getIRQHandler for Dos32 extender. The document of DOs32 is not updated since long time.

Please can anybody help me out in writing the c apis for the above mentioned functions.

I found below information from Dos32 website.

DPMI function 0204h - Get Protected Mode Interrupt Vector

Returns the address of the current protected mode interrupt handler for the specified interrupt.

In:     AX = 0204h
BL = interrupt number
Out:    CF clear
CX:EDX = selector:offset of exception handler


    a) The value returned in CX is a valid protected mode selector, not a real mode segment address.

    b) Client should use DPMI function 0202h to obtain addresses of exception handlers, since interrupt and exception handler's addresses may be different for interrupts in range INT 00-0Fh.


**DPMI function 0205h - Set Protected Mode Interrupt Vector

Sets the address of protected mode handler for the specified interrupt into the interrupt vector.

In:     AX = 0205h
BL = interrupt number
CX:EDX = selector:offset of exception handler

if successful:
CF clear

if failed:
CF set
AX = error code

    8022h - invalid selector 


    a) The value passed in CX should be a valid protected mode code selector, not a real mode segment address.**

Can anybody please explain what does a selector mean and how can convert it to useful C functions like :

void* GetIRQHandler(irq_line);
 void SetIRQHandler(irq_line,ISR);
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