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According to the facebook developer's article on pages, pages have a tabs connection. It says common tabs can be accessed by a plain text string.

When I try to access the tabs data on my page, an OAuthException error is flagged stating the subject must be a page.

Any ideas why my page is throwing this exception?

Page ID is:136789689670650

When I use the graph to query my information on the root, 136789689670650, my page information is pulled up. When I use the graph to query my information on the tabs, 136789689670650/tabs/reviews, the exception is thrown.


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You need to do things in this order to access a pages tabs:

Send an HTTP GET to, where user_id is the page owner. You can also do /me/accounts if it's your own page.

This will return a JSON data structure like this:

{ data: [ { name: "Page Name", access_token: "Page Access Token", category: "", id: "136789689670650", } ] }

data is an array of all pages admin'd by that user. Each page has it's own access_token that you need to use for your next request.

Once you have the page access token you can send a request to /136789689670650/tabs/reviews using your page access token.

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You can also retrieve a pages access_token as such now: ?fields=access_token&access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN – DSchultz Jul 21 '11 at 18:15

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