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I have set up a SQL link server between an SQLserver 2005 on a W2003 R2 and a SYBASE server on a IBM AIX H70 system. I use the Sybase ODBC driver

The problem is than most of the times (there is no pattern ) when I select rows from a Sybase table I get ONLY ONE ROW without any error. Please note that there is no problem when I insert rows from SQL server to the SYBASE server

I appreciate any possible solutions...

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How are you selecting the rows? Is it via

select a,b,c FROM LINKED_SERVERNAME.foo.bar.bletch

or are you doing 'pass-thru' sql like this


I have had way more success with the pass-thru style query: SQL Server does not appear to get what it needs metadata-wise from the Sybase ODBC driver. I was forced to write replacements for the sp_tables_ex and friends family of stored procedures as they did not work for me with linked Sybase dataservers.


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