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Here i would like to delete the line that match with <li><p><a href="anti\/recent.html"> with the fourth occurance

I asked here before but that is a bit different, at that time i only have to match with <ul>

at that time i get the answer:

    awk '/<ul>/ {ul++} ul == 6 { getline } 1' file

However , that can not be applied to <li><p><a href="anti\/recent.html">

And in the other post i have got another answer:

awk '/<li><p><a href="anti\/recent.html">/ {a++} a == 4 { getline } 1' file

the awk seems have some bug

^I^I^I^I^I^I^I^I^I<li><p><a href="anti/recent.html">4 Jul 2011 - Fraudulent email purporting to be related to Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited</a></p></li>$
                                      <!--<li>There is no phishing attack at this  moment.</li>-->$
^I^I^I^I^I^I^I^I    </ul>$

for example it will delete the </ul> as well although that is on the different line?

it somehow works as it delete the fourth item but after that it delete so many line(~40 lines) (and that is totally irrelevant to <li><p><a href="anti\/recent.html">. What are the reasons? Thanks

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i am wondering whether the "a" cause the problem? –  mary_lee Jul 21 '11 at 7:04
the order of the code has changed as well... –  mary_lee Jul 21 '11 at 7:07
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awk '/<li><p><a href="anti\/recent.html">/ {a++} a == 4 { getline } 1' file

That will delete any line when "a" equals 4, even if they do not match the pattern. You have to combine ("and") the conditions:

awk '/<li><p><a href="anti\/recent.html">/ && ++a == 4 {next} 1' file
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