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public interface IWidgetFactoryFactory { IWidgetFactory CreateFactory(); } 

public interface IWidgetFactory { FooWidget CreateFoo(Foo model); }

public class FooWidget(IContextualService service, Foo model) { }



// the CustomFactoryComponentSelector is unnecessary for this discussion, just know 
// it's there
         .AsFactory(c => c.SelectedWith<CustomFactoryComponentSelector>()),


What I want is to be able to add a method to IWidgetFactoryFactory which would take an IContextualService:

IWidgetFactory CreateFactory(IContextualService service);

and then create the factory proxy such that when I call IWidgetFactory.CreateFoo it resolves the IContextualService dependency from that parameter passed via the new CreateFactory method.

Note that I will be creating and calling multiple IWidgetFactoryFactory.CreateFactory(IContextualService) in different contexts, and I want each IContextualService to reflect the context it is called in and passed from.

Are there any ideas on how could this be done?

Update: There is a related thread on Castle-Dev mailing list on this issue.

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