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Possible Duplicate:
Convert dd-mm-yyyy into mm/dd/yyyyy in C#

I want to Convert Date time format from dd/MM/yyyy to MM/dd/yyyy in C#

Is there any suggestion??

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duplicate, I've just seen this question 3 mins ago – alexanderb Jul 21 '11 at 7:25

try this

string DateString  = "22/04/2011";
DateTime date = new DateTime();
date = DateTime.ParseExact(DateString, "dd/MM/yyyy");
string NewDateString = date.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy");
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please try ..

string oldstr = "03/12/2011";   
string strDate = DateTime.ParseExact(oldstr, "dd/MM/yyyy",null).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy");
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DateTimeFormatInfo usDtfi = new CultureInfo("en-US", false).DateTimeFormat; //--MM/dd/yyyy
DateTimeFormatInfo ukDtfi = new CultureInfo("en-GB", false).DateTimeFormat; //--dd/MM/yyyy
DateTime result = Convert.ToDateTime("07/21/2011", usDtfi); //or: ("21/07/2011", ukDtfi)

Then you have a DateTime Object (result) and do whatever you want like:

string str = result.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss");

Happy Coding :)

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