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How to enable/disable the field “State / province / country” in "magento/index.php/customer/address/edit/" page?

My client wants to show the state/province option in his site.In his existing code only the label "state/province" is showing but the input field is not showing. Can anyone plz help to solve the issue?

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As I am new to Magento,so it was difficult for me to find out the error in the existing code.But after a long R&D.......I solved the error in the following way. Actually the template was overridden and I corrected the code in "app\design\frontend\default\my_application_layout\template\customer\address\edit.phtml". And now the problem has been solved.

The answer to the question [How to enable/disable the field “State / province / country” in "magento/index.php/customer/address/edit/" page?] is we can do it by overriding the corresponding layout. suppose the our layout name is "my_deafault" then 1>Login as admin.click System->configuration->Design->Themes Now fill up the value of Templates,Skin (Images / CSS),Layout,Default as "my_deafault".

2>create your overriden files inside app\design\frontend\default\my_default and inside skin\frontend\default\my_default

Now enjoy the changed thing you wanted to Thanks........Any further doubt is welcome

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