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Is there a way to assign a multiple event types in MooTools like jQuery?

    keyup: fn,
    click: fn

$('#id).bind('keyup click' ,fn);
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Yes, there is a way, through the powerful implement:

    fakeBind : function(evtsStr, callback){
        var events = evtsStr.split(' '), 
            i = 0, 
            l = events.length;
        for (; i < l; i++){
            this.addEvent(events[i], callback);

$$('div.myClass').fakeBind('click mouseleave', function(event){


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That is ugly API for adding events. One of the reasons I can't stand jQuery, the API is illogical. – Oskar Krawczyk Jul 21 '11 at 10:07
I absolutely agree with you :), however, the powerful of mootools is that it's easy to 'simulate' jQuery's API ugliness! :D – stecb Jul 21 '11 at 10:15

Its not much, but have a look at this: http://ryanflorence.com/jquery-1-4-mootools-1-2-compared/#binding-multiple-events

In this article Jquery 1.4 and mootools 1.2 are compared, and they really look alike..

Im afraid i can't think of any way that mootools can do that..

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