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I would like to run a script to drop the multiple databases from SQL Azure as soon I finish using it. When I tried as following,

     DECLARE  @dbname varchar(100);
     DECLARE  @stmt nvarchar(3000);
     SET  @dbname = '6A732E0B';

     SELECT @stmt = (SELECT 'DROP DATABASE [' + name + ']; ' FROM sys.databases
     WHERE name LIKE '%' +@dbname +'%');
     EXEC sp_executesql @stmt;

SQL Azure throws error message as “The DROP DATABASE statement must be the only statement in the batch” Can somebody help me on this?

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This is a known limitation in SQL Azure - certain statements need to be in a batch by themselves to be executed. This includes CREATE/ALTER DATABASE, ALTER DATABASE and a few more.

To solve you problem, you can create a loop in you application where you iterate over all the databases and drop them by issuing DROP DATABASE statements in separate batches.

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