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When I have changed a lot of files I usually forget checking in some of them and this breaks the build. I have tried maintaining lists but it doesnt work. Is there any good plugin to Eclipse that tells me all the files that have been changed since my last checkin?

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What version control system are you using? – Anders Abel Jul 21 '11 at 9:54

And in general you use the Synchronize View. Team providers (Git, CVS) hook into it, and it will show you a delta between what's checked in and what is dirty in your workspace.

Use Window>Show View>Other... to open the view, or switch to the Team Synchronizing perspective.

EDIT: I'll just add if you are using EGit, there's also the Git Staging view. It will show you all modified files for the current repo.

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+1: more precise answer. – VonC Jul 21 '11 at 12:37

The CVS tooling in Eclipse allows you to maintain changesets. This allows you to group together files - in synchronize view - which have changed for a particular task. More details can be found at

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+1. More adapted to the OP's choice of VCS (CVS) – VonC Jul 21 '11 at 12:38

The Egit which comes with Eclipse Indigo will mark any directory with modified content.

See the Track Changes section of the Egit man page.
No need to install any extra VCS: all is included with the latest Eclipse distro.

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Thanks. Will take a look at it. – kaushalc Jul 21 '11 at 10:59
I use CVS. Not sure if it will work. – kaushalc Jul 21 '11 at 12:09
@Kaushalc: The Git repo could co-exist with your CVS repo, though, but this is definitively a different Version Control System. I mention it only because this is now the official one for all Eclipse projects and Eclipse itself:… – VonC Jul 21 '11 at 12:19

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