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I'm calling render_views in my rspec controller spec so I can test the content of the response directly rather than using separate view specs.

Sure enough the view is rendered and returned in response.body.

The problem is how to actually parse the content of the page in an expressive way. I'm trying to use Capybara matchers like has_content, has_field etc. which work fine in the request specs, but they don't work with ActionController::TestResponse or with the string returned from .body.

Where's the rspec API for parsing the view?

What's the point of render_views if I can't inspect them?

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If you want to spec rendered views I suggest to do that in a request/acceptance/feature spec, not controller. Controller specs should be treated more like unit specs for controllers. render_views can be used if you want to make sure that a view renders without any problems, but you shouldn't go any deeper in terms of speccing that view.

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Yup, good call Solnic. Looks like digging into the view in a controller spec is trouble and slows the tests down significantly. I'm keeping the UI stuff in the request spec and primarily using the controller spec to test assigns. –  Lachlan Cotter Jul 24 '11 at 4:49

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