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Suppose this:

Works table


I want to list all works and in the end sum up all Size values, but under one condition. created_at must be < 1 year ago.

I know


works but it doesn't filter out the 'created_at' part.

Then i got to this @works.sum(&:size, :conditions => ['created_at > ?', 1.year.ago])

But keep getting a compile error about expecting a ) instead of a ,

Help please? Any better way to accomplish this?

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you can use scope to keep the model clean

class WorksController < ApplicationsController

  def index

class Work
 scope :recent, ->{ where('created_at > ?', 1.year.ago) }
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@Joel, is this what you need? –  mikhailov Jul 21 '11 at 16:02

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