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I'm using PHP to extract data from a MySQL database. I am able to build an XML file using DOM functions. Then using echo $dom->saveXML(); , I am able to return the XML from an AJAX call. Instead of using AJAX to get the XML, how would I save the XML file to a spot on the server? Thanks

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Use the DOMDocument::save() method to save the XML document into a file:

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Doesn't DOMDocument::save() help you?

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Besides "save" option of the DOM itself stated by two previous ansers, you could also use this piece of code:

$strxml = $dom->saveXML();
$handle = fopen("yourxmlfile.xml", "w");
fwrite($handle, $strxml);

And you are done.

Remember that the user running your application server (Apache, probably) will need permissions to write in the directory you are placing the XML file.

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