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I'm implementing a simple 'tick to agree to terms and conditions box' in Deform/Colander.

So, I simply want to check that the box is checked and have an error message saying 'You must agree to T&C'.

I understand that I can use:


to ensure the box is ticked. However, OneOf does not allow for a custom error message. What would the correct way to do this be?

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Use a custom validator:

def t_and_c_validator(node, value):
    if not value:
        raise Invalid(node, 'You must agree to the T&C')

class MySchema(colander.Schema):
    t_and_c = colander.SchemaNode(
                  description='Terms and Conditions',
                  title='Terms and Conditions',
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Thanks Chris, that works well. I suggest that in a future release it might be worth considering a msg = 'Custom message' keyword for the OneOf validator, if this would not cause problems. –  somewhatoff Jul 23 '11 at 11:27

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