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public boolean connect(IConnection conn, IScope scope, Object[] params)
            IClient client = conn.getClient();
            log.info( "app connect " + conn.getClient().getId() );
            client.setAttribute( "stamp", new Long( 0 ) );
        return true;

This is the method which is being called every time Client is connected at my Custom Application in Red5 Server ,so is there a way to identify if a Client is Subscriber (Consumer ,Viewer) or Publisher (User which streams at my server).


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Sure, you can send some identity params from your SWF application. –  Dmitry Polushkin Aug 5 '11 at 2:17
@Dmitry Polushkin so there's only way to find out is using Object[] params,i thought i can identify Publishers someway ,when they start publishing ,like an Interface Method publishedStarted(); than i can authenticate them and decide if i should allow or disallow them to start Publishing . –  Burimi Aug 6 '11 at 11:09

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To disallow or allow publish or subscribe a user, you can use those methods inside appStart callback method:

  • registerStreamPlaybackSecurity
  • registerStreamPublishSecurity

For more, look to the:


I'm using jRuby, and it's very easy to do so:

registerStreamPlaybackSecurity do |scope, name, start, len, flush|
  false # no playback allowed
registerStreamPublishSecurity do |scope, name, mode|
  rand(1) % 1 == 0 # publishing (recording) sometimes allowed, sometimes no
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Thanks a lot ,ill marked you're answer as correct but im using Java instead and ill see in API what i can do with that stuff . –  Burimi Aug 8 '11 at 10:22

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