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I'm building unit testing using Pex. my problem is not all code branches are being tested, Pex keep generating parameter values that fails the same condition which make all the code after that condition not to run.

my method goes something like this:

    public void SetUp(DbSyncScopeDescription SyncScopeDesc, BasicInfo info, string dbContext = "MyDBContext")
        // <pex>
       Contracts validation
        // </pex>

        string localDbConnStr = string.Empty;

        //this condition never get a parameter that results in true
        if (IsContextExist(dbContext))
            localDbConnStr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[dbContext + "Context"].ConnectionString;
            throw new MissingFieldException("dbcontext does not exist");

        // This part is never being reached
        ProvisionLocalScope(SyncScopeDesc, info.FarmId, localDbConnStr);

        info.Tables = GetSyncTablesAsSyncTableInfo(SyncScopeDesc);
        AdminOrm.Create(info.ToORM(), String.Format("name={0}AdminEntities", dbContext));

I wonder if its possible to tell Pex to pass that test so all the code will be reached. if this is not possible is it possible to make Pex take the default values of the function parameters for one of the tests (i think this will be a good feature if its not present).

Thank you

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We would need to know what happens in the method IsConditionExist to tell you why pex can't reason about it. Also, if pex is giving you any warnings while running, it would be useful to see those. – Ryan Gross Jul 24 '11 at 16:53
I see that dbContext is an optional string parameter with a default value set to "MyDBContext". Is Pex trying to generate values for dbContext? Also, this is an integration test because of the references to environment variables outside the context of this method. Pex is better used for unit tests. This method looks like it needs a lot of stubs using Moles. You can test all methods called within SetUp(..) separately using Pex provided they are not private. – Jesslyn Sep 21 '11 at 21:02
"Test Isolated Code Write isolated code or use Moles to isolate your code from environment dependencies. Pex cannot reason about the file system, database, web services or any other environment facing API." from Microsoft Pex Reference Manual p. 11 – Jesslyn Sep 22 '11 at 14:12

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