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I have a bunch of custom XSD schemas in one of my sub-modules that all other modules depends on. As I'm about to start some heavy XML development I'd like to know if there is a way to auto-register the namespaces inside these schemas for the IntelliJ IDEA XML editors?

I know that you can register each namespace one by one through the resources settings, but since I have so many namespaces I'm looking for a way to just i.e. register them all at once.

I.e. right click a schema and select "register namespaces" type of thing...


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If your schema is visible from internet - then you can set cursor on xmlns element, then press Alt+Enter, choose Fetch external resource. It should be automatically added as resource.


Ok, as far as I know you can't add pack of xsd's - only by one. But I think it can be more comfortable to add them via text editor.

open userFolder\.IntelliJIdea10\config\options\other.xml

And find there this tag

<component name="com.intellij.javaee.ExternalResourceManagerImpl">
    <resource url="" location="D:\..."/>


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My schemas are local and my own. I have them in a separate project than the one I'm coding in. – Billybong Jul 21 '11 at 11:45

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