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I have a Mongo Database and I am making a small web application to display the values from the database. I'm having a little problem with getting a value from a nested structure.

The database structure I have is:


    "_id": ObjectId("4e244ddcb1633b25c38f2155"),
    "id": "2173",
    "type": "P",
    "title": "Test title", 
    "tag": {
      "0": {
      "_id": ObjectId("4e244ddcb1633b25c38f1fc1"),
      "name": "Education",
      "id": "6"

What I do is, I get the database from the database and put this in a map and this map I put together with several other maps into one map (root) and put that into the .ftl page. I can then read the value in .ftl like: ${root.title} which will ofcourse print 'Test title' in the above example.

I now what to get the value of name in tage so that it can print 'Education'

I don't know how to get this. Any ideas.

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You can access the value using Freemarker's built-in's for hashes. Similar to below:

<#assign tagKeys = root.tag?keys>
<#list tagKeys as tagKey>

I have not tested this yet but generally speaking this should work. You might also want to read some previous answers on SO:

Freemarker iterating over hash map keys

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Thanks that does work! Any idea how I could do a contains on that map? For example: if Thanks that does work! Any idea how I could do a contains on that map? For example: if ${ contains "Education"{ true } else { false } – Marc Stevens Jul 21 '11 at 12:21
@Marc - Glad it worked. As far as your second question - Freemarker supports the seq_contains keyword on collections, but it looks like you want an equality check instead. Using the example I gave above - something like <#if ${root.tag[tagKey].name = 'Education'> ... </#if>. What exactly are you trying to do? – Perception Jul 21 '11 at 12:33

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