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I'm building a Seam application, which is basically a huge form divided into different parts, or modules. I need a way to figure out when a module is "complete", meaning all validation for the fields in that module passes. I then need to do something in the view, setting a css-class or whatever.

Something like:

<a:region id="region1">
    <s:div styleClass="#{invalid ? 'errors' : ''}">
       <h:inputText required="true" id="input1" />
       <h:inputText required="true" id="input2" />
       <h:commandButton value="Save this section" reRender="region1" />

I figured I had two options:

  • Using some sort of view-logic (like #{invalid} for a single field)
  • Using a method in the bean, where I get all components for the module programmatically, and check them for validation errors.

However, I can't find any way to do any of them. Any ideas if this is even possible?

We're using JSF 1.2 with Seam.


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You can use UIInput#isValid() to check if a validation error has occurred on the particular input component.

<s:div styleClass="#{!input1.valid or !input2.valid ? 'errors' : ''}">
   <h:inputText binding="#{input1}" required="true" id="input1" />
   <h:inputText binding="#{input2}" required="true" id="input2" />
   <h:commandButton value="Save this section" reRender="region1" />
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Nice, that works! However, I also tried binding the components to properties in the bean, but I get a NullpointerException when doing so. Do you know anything about that? I thought it was as simple as using binding="#{myBean.input1}" and then declaring a UIInput-property in the bean.. – Per Holmäng Jul 21 '11 at 14:30
OK, just found out you can't do that when using Seam.. – Per Holmäng Jul 21 '11 at 14:35

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