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I have an ASP.NET web forms application that pulls email from an IMAP account. I am using an IMAP control from nsoftware IP*Works to pull the emails. In order to download and save the attachments one does this...

for (int part = 0; part < imaps1.MessageParts.Count; part++)
    if (imaps1.MessageParts[part].FileName.Length > 0)
        imaps1.LocalFile = "C:\\Users\\someguy\\Documents\\" + imaps1.MessageParts[part].FileName;

But I don't want it downloaded; I want the attachment to open.

How would I do that?


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You need to save the attachment contents to Response.OutputStream rather than a file on disk.

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You cannot open an attachment directly on a mailserver. If you want to open it you always have to download it first (at least to a temporary directory).

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I don't have any source code off-hand, but what you'll need to do is construct an HTTP response with the appropriate headers for content type and content disposition, and then send the file stream with the response.

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