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following is a very cool mocking with python, is there anyway to do that also in java?

mockpath = os.path
mockpath.isdir = Mock(return_value=False)
myObj = MyClass()

is anything like this possible in java? meaning updating the return values and behavior of objects instantiated inside other object methods in such a convenient way? any framework to do that so nicely?


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Mockito supports partial mocks as well as mocking out a method in a real class. The latter looks more similar to your Python example.

I believe EasyMock supports the same thing but I'm having trouble finding where it is in the documentation.

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Hi, I looked at mockito however i didn't notice I can also mock multiple objects used in a method is it possible with it? in example I have methodA which calls new obj1, new obj2 and then obj1.doA and obj2.doB will I be able from outside with mockito to have that method call my own obj1Mock and obj2Mock which would be defined from within my test method – Jas Aug 3 '11 at 7:43
If your class under test calls new Object1() itself, then I don't believe any mocking library can swap that out, unless it manipulates the byte code of Object1 at runtime. Instead, use dependency injection to pass the instances of Object1 and Object2 to the class under test. – matt b Aug 3 '11 at 13:38
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I found that powermock library is the most suitable for this in java and most resembels

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