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background-image:url(yellow.jpg); background-size:180px 180px; background-repeat:no-repeat;

The above mentioned css works perfect on chrome but ie9 is unable to scale images + display images correctly

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Are you sure your IE runs in IE9 mode? Your code works with any image I tried.

(F12 to open developer window)

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Gah. Good find. I spent longer than I'd care to admit chasing this. –  RJFalconer Dec 2 '13 at 15:43

I think the issue is based on scaling the image to the proper size. Have you tried this?

background:url(yellow.jpg) 0 0 / 180px 180px no-repeat fixed;

Basically what it does is:

background:background-image background-position(top) background-position(left) / background-size(height) background-size(width) background-repeat background-attachment;

That should work with IE9 (and all other modern browsers out there) ...

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IE will open a page without the doctype tag in quirks mode in which background-size does nothing. To force IE to open the page in IE9 mode add <!doctype html> at the top of each html document.

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