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I had a collection of jsp files in a subfolder of a Tomcat 7 app created using Eclipse WTP 3.3.0.

I was including these using standard <jsp:include page="foo/bar/baz.jsp" /> directives.

This all worked until one of the files ended up with a slightly dodgy bit of html that upset Eclipse's html validator:

<div class="clear" />

instead of:

<div class="clear"></div>

This caused both foo and bar to have warning symbols in the Project Explorer view and, more worryingly, to cause tomcat to be no longer able to find baz.jsp or any other files inside bar.

Properly closing the div off fixed the problem and allowed Tomcat to find the files during the include execution.

I find it hard to believe Eclipse refuses to package any folders with warnings associated, but this seems to be the case. Is it? And is there any way to disable this behaviour (preferably without disabling the warnings themselves)?

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I'm not sure if I understand this. Did the problem occur in your local test environment (tomcat inside eclipse) or did it occur after deploying to a production-like environment? –  home Jul 21 '11 at 20:33
It was inside my local test environment. I'm beginning to suspect it's actually just a WTP version-specific bug as I can't get anyone else in the office to repro it with their versions. At least it's an incentive for me to keep my html validating. Bit of an annoyance when other people commit non-validating code though obviously. –  robbbbbb Jul 22 '11 at 14:32

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