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Since NoSQL is just a concept, how true is this statement: we can implement NoSQL with SQL

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Having unstructured tables would be one thing. Writing queries that T-SQL could then parse to access those collections would be tricky indeed, especially since T-SQL is not very good at string parsing. –  Yuck Jul 21 '11 at 13:33

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The structure of the metadata is different, and I'm not aware of any SQL implementation that lets you alter that in a significant way.

Also, since NoSQL implementations always violate ACID (that's kind of the point), you won't be able to get a SQL implementation to allow eventual consistency or isolated transactions.

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+1 for NO, but still voting to close as NARQ –  Yuck Jul 21 '11 at 13:33

I believe that you could develop a way to store and retrieve objects in a SQL database, most of the benefits that the SQL engine gives you (indexing, foreign keys, etc) would not be utilized. Instead SQL would be used as just a storage location for serialized objects and some additional code would be required to do the special NoSQL functions like map-reduce for example.

I'd bet that it would be possible, but not optimal. Its like using javascript to write a kernel...It just ain't right!

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look on this good article, Use SQLServer as your nosql database

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EloqueraDB is an object database (effectively a NoSQL database) that supports SQL.

Check it out here : http://eloquera.com/

There is nothing in the design of a NoSQL database (be it object or document or anything else) that prevents you from writing a SQL query parser / execution engine for it.

Of course this would be a subset of the complete SQL standard with proprietary extension. And perhaps SQL DDL would be too difficult but query / data updates are certainly possible.

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NoSQL is a broad term and not a particular technology. Wikipedia gives NoSQL categorization. Only key-value architecture can be used in RDBMS (SQL) without additional support. The general idea of NoSQL is lack of predefined strict structure, where SQL databases are build of exactly opposite idea.

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No because usually NoSQL databases omit certain features of relational databases such as joins, transactions, ad hoc queries or others in order to gain others such as easier horizontal scaling and sharding. Even if what you ask was possible (it is not clear what 'implementing NoSQL with SQL' would mean in practice) you would only be getting the worst of both worlds.

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NoSQL generally means no SQL. But it does not mean "non-relational". It's perfectly possible in principle to create a relational NoSQL DBMS.

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