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Possible Duplicates:
Recursive BBCode Parsing
Strip BBCode via RegEx

What is the best way to remove all BBCode tags of a string and their content in PHP?

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@Gordon, et al, this member's question is NOT a duplicate. Of the two possibilities you offer, one concerns replacing individual BBCode tags; the other concerns stripping individual BBCode tags. This question concerns removing the BBCodes with all of the content contained between the tags. Many people may find the answer to this question valuable, and very different. I happen to have found a workable solution and would like to answer. Thanks for listening. –  zylstra Sep 24 '13 at 10:44

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function stripBBCode($text_to_search) {
 $pattern = '|[[\/\!]*?[^\[\]]*?]|si';
 $replace = '';
 return preg_replace($pattern, $replace, $text_to_search);

echo stripBBCode($text_to_search);


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