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I use SQLite, and i want to create request for such option.

I have two tables A, B. In A records contain field id with integers, and some field with string, for example name

In table B i have columns with names:

number A<name1> A<name2> A<name3>... 

I need to get number from table B, where field A<nameK> equal to some value, where is name for id in table A. So i know id for A and i want to know number from B.

So i have 2 requests.

SELECT name as my_name FROM A WHERE id=<value>;

And after this i want something like that:

SELECT number FROM B WHERE A||my_name = <value>;

( || - i mean concatenacting of strings), but it's not work:(

Update - example of tables structures:


id name
1   a 
2   b
3   c


number Aa Ab Ac
10      1  2  3
11      4  5  6
12      7  8  9

So for example id=2, value in B=5, name=b, column name in B is Ab. Result number=11

id=3, value=6. Result number=11

id=3, value=4. Result no result

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Without more information about your table structure, I highly assume that it is flawed. Just save A<name>'s number in individual rows, if necessary with an extra column for certain flags.

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