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Would it be in principle possible to ( additionally ) create something like a TEMPLATE section for inlining the templates to make it easier to create a suitable syntax-highlighting for the template, since the DATA section has mostly its own syntax-highlighting?

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You didn't mention what text editor are you using, but for VIM there is a Mojo templates Syntax file that can highlight .ep and .epl Mojolicious templates in __DATA__ sections.

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I'm using KWrite as editor, but I still tried to test mojo.vim. Unfortunately I had problems with the installation of Text:: VimColor(I suppose Text::VimColor is required for mojo.vim). Since Vim is not my first-choice-editor I didn't pursue the Text::VimColor installationsproblems. –  sid_com Jul 23 '11 at 18:33

I just recently read Ovid's article on highlighting SQL HEREDOCs. I think similar approach could be used for templates.

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