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I'm working on a web page which uses Dojo's EnhancedGrid to allow the user to edit data and save it to the server. I have the edit and saving correctly however the grid always shows the old value of the cell if I refresh the page. If I close the window and open it again then I get the new value.

Any thoughts?

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You need to tell the grid to update the row after you have saved something to the server. Here is what my callback method looks like.

function onApplyCellEditHandler(inGrid, inValue, inRowIndex, inFieldIndex) {{onError: errorSaving});

I've also had issues with another mechanism updated data and the grid not seeing those results. In other words, user A loads the grid then user B loads the grid. User A makes a change and then user B reloads the grid. Only user B doesn't see user A's change. You'll need to make a call to grid.update() to tell the grid to completely refresh with the new data supplied by the call to fetch.

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