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I have an array that returns locations from the database, which I am trying to output into a form drop down using the following code:

<?php form_dropdown('idLocation', $queryLocations, set_value('idLocation'); ?>

The $queryLocations has the locationID and the locationName. And this above code works fine to display all locations, now I need to add an option called 'All' having idLocation as zero to appear at the top of location list.

Can someone please help me do this?

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Just prepend the $queryLocations array with your values. Here's one way:

    array('0' => 'All') + $queryLocations,

You could probably do this earlier, when you actually create the $queryLocations array as well.

$options[0] = 'All';
foreach ($results as $r) $options[$r->idLocation] = $r->locationName;

Something like that...

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Thanks alot, I'll try that now :) – Prats Jul 21 '11 at 14:47

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