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Is there a way to extend the val() function in jQuery.

Basically, what I want to do is set a class variable if there is content being dynamically entered into an input.

Whick normally would be something like

var thisVal = 'Hello World';    

It would just be nice to tell the val() function to always add the class 'dark' to an input if there is a value, and to remove it if it is empty.


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$.fn.xval = function () {
    return this.toggleClass(arguments.length).val.apply(this, arguments);


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$.fn.darkVal = function (value) { return this.addClass('dark').val(value); };
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You could do this:

var oldVal = $.fn.val;
$.fn.val = function(value) {
    return oldVal.apply(this, arguments);

But I'd strongly discourage you to use it because setting an element's value has nothing to do with setting CSS properties. val sets values, and that's it. What you could do is this:

$("#someInput").change(function() {
    if ($(this).text().length > 0) {
    } else {

The function you pass to change will be called, whenever the value is changed - programmatically or by the user (see documentation). This way the code gets much more readable and comprehensible, what makes it easier to debug too.

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