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Have a publish_on datetime field.

Just trying to get to the begining_of_week from the publish_on.

Tried a helper

def start_week(publish_on)

and in view <%= start_week(@survey.publish_on) %>

Tried in my model

def set_start_week

Hell, even tried this helper

def this_should_work

But everything returns a invalid date to my view. It works in irb, why not in my view?


module SurveysHelper
  require 'date'
  require 'time'

  def this_should_work


<%= this_should_work %>

Error invalid date

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Can you post the error? works in a view for me... – Frankie Roberto Jul 21 '11 at 16:12

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In rails 3.0.9 I got

undefined method `at_beginning_of_week'

wherever I put it, my alternative solution is:

def SomeMethodPutAnywhere
@datey =
@monday = @datey - @datey.wday + 1

#@monday is now the monday of the current week.
#Remove the constant '+1' if your week begins sunday...
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I encountered the same problem when trying to use ActiveSupport outside of Rails. I found the answer here:

Here is the key bit:

require 'active_support/all'

Have you customized your rails stack to no longer include ActiveSupport?

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