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I want to identify all the available wifi networks currently available. I am checking the file at path


But it gives all the networks to which iPhone has connected till date. It does not give currently available networks.

Does anyone know how to do it ? Its ok even if its a private API . I have to do it anyhow .. Please help me !!

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There is no way you can access the available wifi's ssid in your iPhone app currently . I tried with some API but Apple rejected the App saying its a private API. I also sent my query to Apple Developer support and they replied saying this is not possible in current iOS version.

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Hi..Bharath..i need that private API..because my app is product based.I have tried Stumbler.but i didn't get available networks.So can you please tell Which private API you uesd??? –  ggg_1120 Sep 9 '14 at 14:51

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