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I am trying to display dynamic values read for a store as options within a filteringSelect widget in my DOJO Data Grid. The values are getting populated as expected however, I am unable to display a default value when the grid loads, right now it shows up as "..." on single click, I am able to see a drop down.

Below is the location of the sample code:


I want to iterate through my "myStore" in the code above and make the item with label = 'Y' as the default for that filteringSelect.

I want the default value displayed as soon as the grid or filtering select is rendered. Any pointers or sample code will be of great help.

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Glad that I was able to fixed it too..Below is the code in case anyone wants to achieve something similar.

Working code with Default value

Basically all I had to do was send a default value for that field/cell in the first json I created.

jsonStore = new dojo.data.ItemFileWriteStore({
        data: {
            "identifier": "identify",
            "label": "description",
            "items": [
                "identify": 123,
                "description": "Project Manager",
                "identify": 234,
                "description": "Developer"},
                "identify": 536,
                "description": "Developer"}

Notice that all I had to do was add a value for that column in the json, i.e., for Billing Method Column, I added "billingMethod":"Sample" and it picks it up from there.


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